Tanger Sessions


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1. Akaaboune‘s Homage (This Is The World - Not Your Country) 7:28 Klein/Josch/Müllrich/Ouazza/Asbihani/Kasbaji / Klein/Josch/Müllrich/Ouazza/Asbihani/Kasbaji / Exil Musik
2. Morock‘n Roll (God Gave You Something Better Than Magic - Brain) 5:26 Klein/Josch/Müllrich/Asbihani/Kasbaji / Klein/Josch/Müllrich/Asbihani/Kasbaji / Exil Musik
3. Gun Factory (Heart You Missed It - Time Is A Wolf - That‘s Why There Are Wars) 6:52 Klein/Josch/Müllrich/Asbihani/Kasbaji / Klein/Josch/Müllrich/Asbihani/Kasbaji / Exil Musik
4. Fata Morgana (Tangier Version)(The Eagle Sits In The Cage - While The Chicken Are Watching TV) 9:33 Klein/Josch/Müllrich/Lamrani / Klein/Josch/Müllrich/Lamrani / Exil Musik
5. Song 4 A Rainbow (Make Wars History) 7:21 Klein/Josch/Müllrich/Lamrani / Klein/Josch/Müllrich/Lamrani / Exil Musik
6. Truth Is The Only Religion (Nothing Ever Changes - Except Gods And Fashions) 8:15 Klein/Josch/Müllrich/Asbihani/Kasbaji / Klein/Josch/Müllrich/Asbihani/Kasbaji / Exil Musik
7. The World Is A Mirror (Show Yourself In It - And It Will Reflect Your Image) 7:28 Klein/Josch/Müllrich/Lamrani / Klein/Josch/Müllrich/Lamrani / Exil Musik
8. Morock‘n Roll - Part II (Kasbah Version) (Who Can‘t Dance Complains: "The Floor Is Uneven!") 3:12 Klein/Josch/Müllrich/Asbihani/Kasbaji / Klein/Josch/Müllrich/Asbihani/Kasbaji / Exil Musik
9. Gun Factory (Bonus: SingleEdit) 2:47 Klein/Josch/Müllrich/Asbihani/Kasbaji / Klein/Josch/Müllrich/Asbihani/Kasbaji / Exil Musik
10. Fata Morgana (Bonus: Tangier - SingleEdit) 3:37 Klein/Josch/Müllrich/Lamrani / Klein/Josch/Müllrich/Lamrani / Exil Musik
11. Morock‘n Roll (Bonus: SingleEdit) 3:23 Klein/Josch/Müllrich/Asbihani/Kasbaji / Klein/Josch/Müllrich/Asbihani/Kasbaji / Exil Musik

Liner Notes

Producer: Marlon 'Sibusiso' Klein

Recorded in Tangier, Morocco between June 2006 and June 2008 by Oskar Paredes and Marlon Klein at Palais Ben Abbou, Abdesalam Akaaboune & Exil Studios Berlin, Germany.
Produced by Marlon ‘Sibusiso’ Klein.
Translations by Zoubein ben Bouchta.
Cover design by Fuego/Friedel Muders

Friedo Josch - flute
Marlon Klein - drums / percussion
Uve Müllrich - bass / guitar
Moulay Tahar El Asbihani - vocal
Abdelkrim El Kasbaji - vocal
Noujoum Ouazza - vocal/mandolin cello
Hassan Miftah - vocal/bouzouki (Track 1+2+3+5)
Mennana Ennaoui - vocal (Track 5+6+7+8)
Elke Rogge - hurdy gurdy (Track 1+3+4+5+6+7+8)
Till Uhlmann - hurdy gurdy (Track 2+3)
Susanne Paul - cello (Track 4+8)
Roman Bunka - guitar/oud
Henning Rümenapp - guitar (Track 1+2/B1/C1+2/D2+3)
Jens Fischer - guitar (Track 1+2+3+6)
Jorg Kliewe - special guitar effects (Track 2)

The only reason for living is being fully alive;
and you can‘t be fully alive if you are crushed by secret fear,
and bullied with the threat: Get money, or eat dirt! –
and forced to do a thousand mean things meaner than your nature,
and forced to clutch on to possessions in the hope they‘ll make you feel safe,
and forced to watch everyone that comes near you,
lest they‘ve come to do you down.
Without a bit of common trust in one another, we can‘t live ...
(DH Lawrence)

Über den Künstler

Dissidenten ist eine deutsche Weltmusik-/Rock-Band. Sie ist besonders durch ihre Zusammenarbeit mit Künstlern aus dem Mittleren Osten, Nordafrika und Indien bekannt geworden. Das Rolling Stone Magazine bezeichnete sie als „Godfathers of World-Beat“.
Bis 1980 unternahmen Uve Müllrich und Michael Wehmeyer bei der Münchner Krautrock- und Weltmusikband Embryo „Experimente zwischen Orient und Okzident“. 1980 hatten die beiden Musiker gemeinsam mit Friedo Josch in Indien „Embryo’s Dissidenten“ gegründet. 1981 änderte die Gruppe ihren Namen in »Dissidenten«; Marlon Klein ersetzte Michael Wehmeyer.
In dieser Dreier-Kernbesetzung spielen sie seit ihrem Debutalbum »Sahara Elektrik« (1984) mit den verschiedensten Gastmusikern weltweit.

"The World" was Dissidenten’s main musical subject long before such ideas floated into fashion. Over a thirty-year span their projects have ranke not only among the most innovative multicultural collaborations but they also figure among the most telling and groundbreaking contributions to the development and broadening of today’s popular music. Since the term ‘World Music’ entered the music lexicon in the early 1980s their name has been synonymous with, and at the forefront of ‘World Music’. After all, it was the Rolling Stone that dubbed Dissidenten “Godfathers of World-Beat” long before the term became popular.

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FUEGO ID: 1700 | Album | Genre: Worldmusic