Jazz My Bazz

Rave Busterz

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1. Jazz my Bazz (Original Tech Mix) 5:13 Jirka Otto / Jirka Otto / Edition Fuego
2. Jazz my Bazz (Original Tech Only Sounds) 5:11 Jirka Otto / Jirka Otto / Edition Fuego
3. Jazz my Bazz (Breaking Beat Mix) 5:54 Jirka Otto / Jirka Otto / Edition Fuego
4. Jazz my Bazz (Breaking Beat Instrumental Mix) 5:54 Jirka Otto / Jirka Otto / Edition Fuego

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Über den Künstler


The Boys from the Rave Busterz Gang growe up on the Streets of Bochum CityRuhrare/Germany. They always wanted to live in the Starlight... In the early 90..s they went to some new Tekkno Party..s and the Friends took some Drugs or something like this... The first step into the Showbuisiness was a Tekkno Party in Bochum City... The Demolition Rave... this Party was a fully creative thing they made no money but they stood on stage in front of more than 4000 Headbangers from Germany and the Netherlands... The Rave Busterz was the first real tekkno Group in Bochum witch was influenced by the Hardcore Szenes from Frankfurt and Rotterdam..

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FUEGO ID: 2782 | Maxi / EP | Genre: Elektro Dancefloor